• Newsletter

    Climate change in Scotland

    Newsletter, Winter 2019-20... with a report of our mini-conference on Rural Science for Public Good – see Publications

  • Newsletter

    Conservation in progress

    Newsletter, Summer 2019... including a report on the Peter Wilson Lecture by Francesca Osowska of SNH – see Publications

  • Newsletter

    Our changing coastline

    Newsletter, Spring 2019... featuring a report on the Coastal Forum Workshop held in Glasgow in November 2018 – see Publications

  • Newsletter

    People and the land

    Newsletter, Summer 2018... land use and our responsibilities to the landscape in which we live and work – see Publications

  • Newsletter

    Habitats and species under threat

    Newsletter, Spring 2018... how research can protect our environment, our agriculture and our wild species – see Publications

About SCRR

SCRR, formerly the Edinburgh Consortium for Rural Research, is a consortium of organisations active in research into land, freshwater, coastal and marine resources, and their uses – including farming, forestry, aquaculture and recreation.

SCRR helps its member organisations to work together, promoting communication, discussion and collaboration.

It also provides an accessible source of expertise and information on scientific matters affecting Scotland, its people and its natural heritage.


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SCRR has 24 members
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