Dialogue and engagement in a time of global challenge; climate change and Scotland’s coasts; the condition of our woodland; 100 years of Moredun; 50 years of Forest Research in the north

Sharing research knowledge for the public good; why planting forests in Africa might be a bad idea; climate change and nesting birds; report on our November 2019 mini-conference, Rural Science for the Public Good

How we can help Scotland face its grand challenges; saving the world's rarest plants; sustainability and seaweed; soft fruit crops in a changing climate; report on the Peter Wilson Lecture 2019

Making a difference through inclusivity; SCRR welcomes its new Scientific Director, Prof Sarah Skerratt; why forests are good for you; new ways to stop invasive species

Diversity of the rural environment; looking out for oak trees; growing honeyberries; decline in rural population; 'Slow Adventure' tourism

Plastic in the marine environment; new Scottish centre of expertise in plant health; natural management of flood risk; rescuing one of Britain’s rarest plants; protecting the puffin

Protecting our wonderful world; how policy can help pollinators; conserving genetic diversity in Scotland; biodiversity and crops; counting plant species in the Amazon

Engaging with the next generation; beavers in Scotland; conservation and the risk of infection; the new SEFARI collaboration

Evidence-based conservation; looking after red squirrels in productive forests; saving plants in the Millennium Seed Bank; best practice for restoration of peat bogs; red deer management

Brexit and rural research; the UK’s new agri-tech centres; guidance for farmers on looking after the soil; seaweed as animal feed; early warning system for tree diseases

A chief scientific officer for Scotland; good land management for livestock health; old research bringing new results; the link between marine fouling and renewable energy; citizen science focuses on our coasts

The future of land reform in Scotland; disease outbreaks in farm animals; climate-ready forestry; how to improve upland farming; 30 years of Soay sheep research on St Kilda

Year of Food and Drink Scotland 2015; the secrets of soil, roots and microorganisms; citizen science to protect trees against disease; wild relatives of domestic crops; genomic breeding of beef cattle

Dig It! 2015 year of Scottish archaeology; national soil map of Scotland; community grow-your-own food initiative; golden eagle survey; giant panda habitats

Scottish Rural Parliament meets for the first time; climate-ready in the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere Reserve; food poverty in Scotland; 30 new Marine Protected Areas announced; the dotterel and its montane habitat

ESCom Scotland launches to cover ecosystem services; report on rural poverty; exciting times ahead for Scottish archaeology; how pan-European networks can influence EU policy; protecting our fossil heritage

International Year of Family Farming; biodiversity in saline lagoons; Scottish trout discovered to be many varieties; grey squirrels bring squirrelpox to Scotland; how permafrost locks away carbon

Puffin populations are holding up; the plight of the honey bee; solutions for poultry red mite; big investment in potatoes and onions; details of the SCRR Peter Wilson Lecture 2014

Evidence-based policymaking; Icelandic volcanoes and the UK; flame shell reef discoveries off Skye; energy schemes and rural communities; ash die-back

Year of Natural Scotland; Species Action Framework update; exciting fossil finds in the Borders; the potential of windpower in the Western Isles; restoring peatland from plantation

The jet stream and its effects on our weather; Rural Scotland in Focus report 2012; brypohytes, lichen and fungi in Scotland; how forests help fight climate change; Orkney grows barley for whisky

Edinburgh Consortium goes Scottish! Also: green energy from rubbish; trees for a warmer climate; methane emissions from burping sheep; plant-based feed for farmed salmon; why mountain plants are on the move

Engaging the public in rural science; giant pandas and forest restoration; new chairman for Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh; how the public views low-carbon energy technologies; simple pollution controls that could save lives

Communicating across the Consortium (website and newsletter redesign); lost begonias found in Sumatra; wrasse as cleaner fish to control sea lice in salmon; beached whales and lethal bugs; tribute to a great veterinarian, Dr Hugh Reid

Bringing broadband to remote communities; improved forecasting to cope with floods; biochar, a sustainable response to climate change; vaccination to control foot and mouth; how SAC is learning from Malawi’s farmers; International Year of Forests

James Hutton, influential Scottish polymath; survival boost for fungi; bleeding calf syndrome; why food production must double in 50 years; large earthquakes in the UK

Diversifying the rural economy; new animal welfare education centre for the Vet School; climate change at sea; 90 years of Moredun; environmental data sets go on-line at CEH

New team at UHI working on rural policy; new vessel for UMBS Milport; speed-dating for scientists at Roslin; 40th anniversary of Forest Research Northern Research Station

Professor John Oldham sets out challenge for agricultural research; Heriot-Watt links up with researchers in Mexico; review of UK earth sciences from BGS

SCRI and Macaulay Institute discuss merger; novel animal disease vaccines from Moredun; RBGE helps Iraq and Afghanistan restore their botanical heritage

New Scottish Plant House at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh; new Beef Research Facility at SAC; Professor Martin Price of the Centre for Mountain Studies is appointed to UNESCO chair

ECRR is 20 years old; Professor Stuart Monro takes over as Scientific Director; Roslin plans new building; work starts on new Vet School building; yew conservation

21 years of scientific collaboration at BioSS; forest planning helps conserve peatland birds; declines in hill livestock numbers; new director at Forest Research

Two major new bioscience ventures, the Roslin Institute and Easter Buch Research Consortium; sustainability in Highland estates; climate change in Scottish forests; bluebells

Scotland’s energy – did you know? Multibeam survey reveals amazing sea bed under Forth bridges; malaria breakthrough reveals link with potato blight

Sustainable aquaculture (salmon farming); restructuring at CEH; wind farms and upland birds; healthier crops

Climate change special issue

Professor Anne Glover appointed to the new post of Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland; new potato variety, Mayan Gold, and new raspberry variety, Glen Doll, from SCRI; forests in the Congo; new home for SASA at Gogarbank

How human health relates to animal medicine; the nitrogen cycle; avian flu; potato disease; corn buntings

Edinburgh Genetic Evaluation Services is set up; Professor Geoff Palmer retires from International Centre for Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt; soil resilience; geese

Assessing earthquake risk; proteomics; Professor David Elston is appointed new director of BioSS

Reorganisation at the Museum of Scotland, NMS; impacts of climate change on upland birds; palm house reopens at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

RBGE in China; interview with Professor Julie Fitzpatrick; Flora Celtica book

SEERAD Strategy for Agricultural, Biological and Related Research 2005-2010

New design for ECRR newsletter; vet school plans move to single site at Easter Bush; circadian clocks and jet lag

Tribute to Peter Wilson; habitats for grouse and other birds; SAC celebrates 100 years of support for land-based industries; praise for BioSS

Report on the University of Edinburgh’s continuing investment in the Bush Estate; cod at Stirling University’s Machrihanish Marine Farm; introducing the Edinburgh Science Triangle

Hugh Miller bicentenary; Chris Browitt is new Scientific Director of ECRR; Julie Fitzpatrick is appointed Chief Executive and Scientific Director at Moredun; Professor Elaine Watson takes over as head of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Dinosaurs in Edinburgh; restoring Kenya’s mangroves; tribute to Rob Kempton

Grazing and moorland birds; British Geological Survey identifies groundwater nitrate vulnerable zones for Scotland

Professor Mary Bownes takes over as chairman of the ECRR Main Board; do increased sightings of warm-water species on the West Coast of Scotland provide evidence of global warming?

Sustainable forests, biodiversity and climate change; LEARN Environmental and Academic Research Network; news from Roslin Institute and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh; Scottish Centre for Biotechnology Education; earthquakes in the UK

VetAid, the Edinburgh based veterinary NGO; news from Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine; research at Edinburgh Zoo; Vikings in the North Atlantic

Restructuring at University of Edinburgh and Heriot Watt; output from foot and mouth forum

Foot and mouth forum; SCRI to grow potatoes in space

Scotland’s first science strategy is unveiled by the Scottish Executive