Research topics

3D modelling

acid deposition adaptive management afforestation African studies agri-environmental modelling agricultural agriculture agronomy air pollution air quality animal behaviour animal breeding animal diseases animal health animal nutrition animal production animal welfare applied conservation aquaculture aquaculture and the environment arable systems archaeology Asian studies atmospheric pollution atmospheric science autecology avian ecology and demography

bacteriology behaviour biochemical biochemical pathology biochemistry biochemistry and microbiology bio control biodiversity biodiversity indicators bioengineering bioethics biogeochemical biogeochemistry biogeography bioinformatics biology biomathematics biometrics biophysics bioremediation biosystematics biosystems dynamics biotechnology biotics biotrophics bird and avian health brewing

CAP CAP reform carbon capture carbon management cardiovascular science cell and molecular cell biology Celtic studies chemistry chemotherapeutic cancer treatment civil engineering climate change climate change adaptation climate change adaptation and mitigation climate change impacts climate change mitigation climate change modelling climate engineering CO2 effects coastal and marine environments coastal erosion collection management Common Agricultural Policy computational biology computer modelling conservation construction contaminated land conversion crop productivity crop protection crop quality crop science crustacean biology cryptogramy crystallography

data analysis data management dermatology design and analysis of experiments designated sites developmental systems diabetes diagnosis and health management digital map data archives disease regulation distilling DNA sequencing

earth science eco-engineering ecological processes ecology economic and social history of Scotland ecosystem assessment ecosystem dynamics ecosystems ecosystem services ecotoxicology education effluent disposal endocrinology energy energy and power combustion energy security engineering enjoyment and understanding of natural heritage entomology environment environmental environmental biology environmental economics environmental engineering environmental impact assessment environmental monitoring environmental pollution environmental risk management environmental science environmental security environments environment valuation epidemiology epidemiology of disease erosion and flood risk ethics evolution evolutionary biology exhibitions

faecal pollution farming faunistics fire safety engineering fisheries fish farming fish genetics and reproduction fishing flora food chains food science food security forest hydrology forestry forests freshwater ecosystems freshwater environments freshwater fisheries freshwater habitats fungal biology fungi

Gaelic gastroenterology gems and rocks genetic conservation genetic evaluation genetic modification and cloning genetics genetics of disease genetics of infectious diseases genomics geochemistry geography geological hazards geological mapping geological survey geology geomagnetic monitoring geomorphology geophysics GIS GM crops GMO crops granular material handling greenhouse gas green tourism growth and reproduction

habitat diversity habitat management hazard assessment health and nutrition heavy metals herbicides heritage herptiles and fish history history of agriculture horticultural and scientific training host-pathogen interaction human health human nutrition hydro hydrogeology hydrology

image analysis immunology incineration industrial microbiology and biotechnology infectious diseases informational and computational science information technology insects integrated forest management irrigation isotopes

land-use land-use change modelling land and marine surveys land economy land form and landscape land management land quality land reclamation landscape landscape ecology landscape management land use land use hydrology lipids livestock bioinformatics locusts and malaria

mammals and birds marine and coastal marine biodiversity marine biotechnology marine invertebrates marine policy marine science mathematical modelling metabolomics microbiology micro scale hydrology mineralogy mineralology minerals mining modelling modelling complex systems molecular and quantitative genetics of farm animals molecular biology molecular evolution and bioinformatics molecular genetics molecular virology and parasitology mollusca mountain studies multiresidue pesticide analysis mycology

natural capital natural heritage natural resource management nematology neurobiology neuroscience nitrogen deposition non-destructive testing Nordic studies nutrigenomics nutrition nutrition and health nutrition and welfare

oceanography ocean technology oil exploration oomycete organic farming ovine immunology ozone monitoring

palaeobotany palaeontology parasitoids parasitology pathogenesis of disease pathogen transport pathology peatlands pest and disease diagnosis pesticide management pesticides petroleum exploration petrology pharmaceutics phylogenetics planning and land conservation plant and crop science plant breeding plant DNA plant forensics plant genotyping plant health plant pathology plant physiology plant science plant science research plant taxonomy plant variety identification politics pollution control pollution monitoring pollution studies population conservation ecology poultry science process modelling propagation protein chemistry proteomics public education

radioactive waste recovery recreation and access recreation and tourism religion remote and rural studies renewable renewable energy renewables reproductive biology and physiology reproductive physiology resource management restoration biology rhizosphere risk analysis rocks and fossils rural rural childhood rural development rural economics rural policy

scenic diversity science seed physiology seismological monitoring seismology sensory analysis sequence analysis shellfish silo design silviculture social anthropology social development social science society socio-ecology socio-economic research socio-economics sociology soil chemistry soils soil science soil sustainability spatial and temporal modelling spatio-temporal dynamics species diversity spectral analysis sport and exercise science statistical genetics statistics stem cells stones storage structural biochemistry structure research study of science technology and innovation surveillance of disease survey and monitoring survey design and analysis sustainability sustainable development sustainable energy and mineral supply sustainable marine aquaculture sustainable soil and water management system models systems and engineering

taxonomy technology theology tidal power timber quality tourism transgenic techniques tree health tropical biodiversity

uplands uplands and peatlands urban

vaccines vegetation management vertebrates veterinary diagnosis veterinary medicine veterinary science veterinary training virology

waste management water and carbon cycle dynamics Water Framework Directive water management water quality water quality and ecosystems water security water treatment wave power wildlife wildlife conservation wildlife disease wildlife management wind power woodland and forestry woodland ecology woodland ecosystems woodland environments woodland surveys

zoology zoonosis zoonotic infections