About SCRR

The Scottish Consortium for Rural Research (SCRR) is a consortium of Scottish organisations active in research relating to land, freshwater, coastal and marine resources, and their uses – including farming, forestry, aquaculture and recreation.

SCRR changed its name from the Edinburgh Consortium for Rural Research (ECRR) in June 2012. It has its origins in a group of organisations based on the University of Edinburgh’s campus at Easter Bush, to the south of Edinburgh; but today its members include research organisations from across Scotland.

The activities of SCRR are overseen by The University of Edinburgh.


The aims of SCRR are to improve mutual awareness between the member organisations; facilitate communication; provoke discussion; and promote collaboration.

It also provides an accessible source of expertise and information on scientific matters that affect Scotland, its people and its natural heritage.

SCRR achieves its aims through a low-cost, no-frills programme of lunchtime research meetings and visits, as well as occasional workshops and fora.


The day-to-day work of SCRR is carried out by two executive officers, the Scientific Director and the Secretary/Treasurer.

Professor Stuart Monro

Scientific Director, SCRR

Professor Willie Donachie

Secretary/Treasurer, SCRR

01506 880929 or 07990 595217