Issue 99, Summer 2022

Rural areas make key contributions to tackling the challenges facing society. Introducing the European Union’s Long Term Vision for Rural Areas (LTVRA), Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, refers to rural areas as the ‘fabric of our society and the heartbeat of our economy. They are a core part of our identity and our economic potential. We will cherish and preserve our rural areas and invest in their future.’

Issue 98, Spring 2022

ON FEBRUARY 28, 2022, and
understandably with less media
attention than we would have expected because of the invasion of Ukraine, a monumental report appeared.
The concluding phase of the
IPCC’s 6th reporting cycle confirmed
that the extent and magnitude of
climate change impacts on nature are greater than previously assessed.

Issue 97, Autumn 2021



Net zero farming is one of the aims of the £74m agritech hub at Easterbush; Climate change champions are being sought by Scotland’s Finest Woods Awards; Soil organic carbon is greater beneath forests than grassland, a new study has found; Greenhouse gases will be measured by a 100-metre tower on the James Hutton Institute’s research farm.

Issue 96, Winter 2020

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The theme of SCRR’s 2020 miniconference for early career researchers (ECRs) in November was ‘Science for rural recovery and resilience’. Scientists from SCRR’s member organisations reflected on how their work builds capacity for rural adaptation: across livestock sectors of poultry, sheep, beef and dairy; within environmental conditions for our essential bee pollinators; for health and wellbeing within community land ownership; and for science-based tourism.

Issue 95, Summer 2020

Dialogue and engagement at a time of global challenge; climate change and our coasts; the condition of Scottish woodland; badgers, cows and TB; report on the online RSE/SCRR Peter Wilson Lecture 2020.

Issue 94, Winter 2019/20

Sharing research knowledge for the public good; why planting forests in Africa might be a bad idea; climate change and nesting birds; report on our November 2019 mini-conference, Rural Science for the Public Good.

Issue 93, Summer 2019

How we can help Scotland face its grand challenges; saving the world’s rarest plants; sustainability and seaweed; soft fruit crops in a changing climate; report on the Peter Wilson Lecture 2019.

Issue 92, Spring 2019

Making a difference through inclusivity; SCRR welcomes its new Scientific Director, Prof Sarah Skerratt; why forests are good for you; new ways to stop invasive species.

Issue 91, Summer 2018

Diversity of the rural environment; looking out for oak trees; growing honeyberries; decline in rural population; ‘Slow Adventure’ tourism.

Issue 90, Spring 2018

Plastic in the marine environment; new Scottish centre of expertise in plant health; natural management of flood risk; rescuing one of Britain’s rarest plants; protecting the puffin.

Issue 89, Winter 2017

Protecting our wonderful world; how policy can help pollinators; conserving genetic diversity in Scotland; biodiversity and crops; counting plant species in the Amazon.

Issue 88, Summer 2017

Engaging with the next generation; beavers in Scotland; conservation and the risk of infection; the new SEFARI collaboration.

Issue 87, Spring 2017

Evidence-based conservation; looking after red squirrels in productive forests; saving plants in the Millennium Seed Bank; best practice for restoration of peat bogs; red deer management.