Issue 97, Autumn 2021

Net zero farming is one of the aims of the £74m agritech hub at Easterbush; Climate change champions are being sought by Scotland’s Finest Woods Awards; Soil organic carbon is greater beneath forests than grassland, a new study has found; Greenhouse gases will be measured by a 100-metre tower on the James Hutton Institute’s research farm.

Issue 96, Winter 2020

Recovery and resilience in rural science; funding for Biomes project at RBGE; climate-positive farming arrives in Aberdeenshire; our seafood industry and the impact of world events; boosts for rural tourism.

Issue 95, Summer 2020

Dialogue and engagement at a time of global challenge; climate change and our coasts; the condition of Scottish woodland; badgers, cows and TB; report on the online RSE/SCRR Peter Wilson Lecture 2020.

Issue 94, Winter 2019/20

Sharing research knowledge for the public good; why planting forests in Africa might be a bad idea; climate change and nesting birds; report on our November 2019 mini-conference, Rural Science for the Public Good.

Issue 93, Summer 2019

How we can help Scotland face its grand challenges; saving the world’s rarest plants; sustainability and seaweed; soft fruit crops in a changing climate; report on the Peter Wilson Lecture 2019.

Issue 92, Spring 2019

Making a difference through inclusivity; SCRR welcomes its new Scientific Director, Prof Sarah Skerratt; why forests are good for you; new ways to stop invasive species.

Issue 91, Summer 2018

Diversity of the rural environment; looking out for oak trees; growing honeyberries; decline in rural population; ‘Slow Adventure’ tourism.

Issue 90, Spring 2018

Plastic in the marine environment; new Scottish centre of expertise in plant health; natural management of flood risk; rescuing one of Britain’s rarest plants; protecting the puffin.

Issue 89, Winter 2017

Protecting our wonderful world; how policy can help pollinators; conserving genetic diversity in Scotland; biodiversity and crops; counting plant species in the Amazon.

Issue 88, Summer 2017

Engaging with the next generation; beavers in Scotland; conservation and the risk of infection; the new SEFARI collaboration.

Issue 87, Spring 2017

Evidence-based conservation; looking after red squirrels in productive forests; saving plants in the Millennium Seed Bank; best practice for restoration of peat bogs; red deer management.