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SCRR / RSE Peter Wilson Lecture 2017

Professor William J Sutherland, Miriam Rothschild Chair in Conservation Biology, University of Cambridge

‘Policy Making in Uncertain Environments’

Monday February 6, 2017 • 6pm

UPDATE: please see below for event report.

Evidence-based medicine is one of the triumphs of recent decades and has indisputably saved innumerable lives and resulted in more cost-effective practice. However, is this the right approach for other areas of policy, such as conservation biology, education or crime reduction?

Two key problems are: first, that it is difficult to run randomised controlled experiments for many ecological problems; and second, that local conditions mean that experiments elsewhere may not really apply to your site.

Professor Sutherland will describe the strengths and limitations of the current approaches and suggest an alternative solution.

Venue: Royal Society of Edinburgh, George Street, EH2 2PQ

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Event report

An event report is available via the RSE website.

Event report by Matthew Shelley (PDF, 283 KB):