Past Events

SCRR / RSE Peter Wilson Lecture 2018

Roger Crofts, chair, Royal Scottish Geographical Society

‘Scotland’s land: successes and failures, challenges and solutions’

Tuesday February 27, 2018 • 6.30pm

UPDATE: please see below for event report.

THE ANNUAL PETER WILSON lecture at the Royal Society of Edinburgh will be given by Roger Crofts, chair of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. The title is ‘Scotland’s land: successes and failures, challenges and solutions’.

The talk will begin by celebrating Scotland’s natural assets, then question whether all that has happened in recent times is beneficial and whether we would now have acted differently.

Key inherited and current challenges will be addressed, including industrialisation of land use and ignorance of natural processes, lack of space for nature and species debates. Solutions will be set out demanding more integrated ways of planning future land use, developing a package of practical mechanisms and addressing polarisation of attitudes.

The speaker

Roger Crofts trained as a geographer and geomorphologist. He worked in universities, The Scottish Office, and as CEO of Scottish Natural Heritage. He advises, lobbies, writes and talks to anybody who will listen in Scotland, Iceland and Europe on environmental strategy and policy.

Roger hopes to help people understand the Earth’s heritage and environment and to care for it more effectively. He has been active in voluntary environmental and educational bodies not just in Scotland, but also in the UK and internationally. He has been chair of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society since 2013. His work has been recognised by numerous honours and awards.

Venue: Royal Society of Edinburgh, George Street, EH2 2PQ

Further information

Please see the event page on the RSE website.

Agenda for the Future

Following the event, Prof Crofts published his Agenda for the Future of Scotland’s Land, which is available from his website (PDF, 61 KB)

Event report

An event report and an audio recording are now available on the RSE website.

Event report by Jeremy Watson (PDF, 431 KB):

Audio recording: