Posters from SCRR mini-conference now available online

Five posters from our online mini-conference focusing on the work of early career researchers (ECRs) are now available to download from our website, along with two abstracts from researchers whose work we cannot publish at this point.

The mini-conference, entitled ‘Science for Rural Recovery and Resilience’, took place online on November 11, 2020. A short report on the event is available in our News section.

The PDFs are listed below, and will also be available from the event page.

Poster PDFs

Naomi Lean, Scotland’s Rural College and University of Edinburgh

‘How do parasite infections affect livestock greenhouse gas emissions?’

(PDF, 835 KB)

Dr Bobby Macaulay, Glasgow Caledonian University

‘The role of community landownership in improving rural health’

(PDF, 909 KB)

Dr Marina Martínez-Álvaro, Scotland’s Rural College

‘Bovine genome influences its ruminal microbiome function’

(PDF, 203 KB)

Dr Katie Murray, West Highland College, UHI

‘Putting science at the centre of the tourist experience’

(PDF, 491 KB)

Diana G Tixi, James Hutton Institute

‘Do wild bees’ physiological or ecological traits influence their response (abundance and diversity changes) to conservation strategies?’

(PDF, 1 MB)


Jay Burns, Scotland’s Rural College

‘Valuing resilience, at the animal level’

(PDF, 42 KB)

Marwa Hussein, Scotland’s Rural College

‘Sensitivity of ideal protein nutrition to coccidiosis challenge’

(PDF, 26 KB)